Cleaning And Maintaining NBS Guns


Tips for using an NBS gun

When fitting a can to the foam gun, the can must be upright. Attach the extension tube to the end of the gun.


Shake the can vigorously a few times.


Activate the gun with the holder upwards and fill with foam. You can adjust foam volume using the adjustment screw.


Removing the can is not necessary when using daily or for short breaks. Simply ensure that the nozzle and extension tube are cleaned using cleaner fluid.


Store the can upright with the gun on top and adjustment screw closed. Shake the holder before starting work again.


Clean the gun every week with cleaning fluid and remember to clean after use if it is not to be used for some time.


When changing the can, depressurise the gun by activating it.



How to clean the gun

When fitting a can of cleaning fluid, the gun must be upright.


Spray once to ensure the cleaning fluid penetrate thoroughly. Leave the fluid to work for 1-5 minutes.


Rinse the gun through and repeat the process until clean cleaning fluid comes out of the gun.


A ball is fitted in the gun adapter to act as a non-return valve. The cleaning fluid will dry out the gun. Lubricate the ball with a little oil to prevent it sticking.


Rinse the gun through with cleaning fluid if it has not been used for some time.