Maintenance of acrylic seals

Acrylic sealant is used extensively in the Danish construction industry. There is consequently more and more interest in how this sort of seal should be maintained.


Acrylic seal compounds

Acrylic seal compounds are plasto-elastic, water-based sealant compounds that can be overpainted. The harden by water evaporation.


Acrylic sealant compounds are used for sealing around doors and windows, between plasterboard partition walls, for sealing casements and skirting boards and for filling cracks, between boards, around pipe penetrations etc. They are also suitable for acoustic seals.


Acrylic sealant compounds cannot tolerate constant exposure to water.


Cleaning seals

Acrylic sealant compounds can tend to go slightly grey or even yellow on their surface depending on where they are used. We recommend using ordinary soapy water to clean them, but overpainting may be necessary in the event of strong discolouring.


Wiping over seals when washing windows and doors is ideal to keep the surface clean. We also recommend soapy water for this purpose.


Always dry off using a clean, damp, lint free cloth. If using detergents, always check whether the surrounding materials can tolerate them. If in doubt, test on a small area.