Dana Lim’s organisation is based firmly at our international head office in Køge. This is the home of the biggest R&D Department in the Nordic Region, working closely with the production, technical support, logistics and administration departments.


The fast, direct links across the organisation mean that the entire company is always close to its customers and associates. We are never further than a phone call away, react immediately when customers contact us and always deliver quickly and efficiently. Our accessibility and delivery consistency are what make Dana Lim a preferred partner and supplier.  


Just as important is the fact that Dana Lim has become firmly established as a venerable Danish business owned by a charitable foundation over 91 years. We believe that satisfied, proud employees are the cornerstone of a healthy business. That’s why we prioritise seniority highly, along with job security and a pleasant atmosphere at work.


We also have some of the best and most experienced people in the business, and always welcome the best in their fields within the Dana Lim family.