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Environmental and climate strategy

An increased focus on sustainable business and manufacturing is completely in line with Dana Lim’s company values. At Dana Lim, we are aware of our co-responsibility for how we manage the shared resources of the planet and how our products affect people and the environment.

As the Nordic market-leading manufacturer of glue, putty, and sealants, we believe that we have an obligation to be at the forefront when it comes to climate and the environment.

Based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we therefore want to contribute to the following selected areas of focus:

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Specifically, our efforts will be targeted at 3 areas ‒ which are supported by concrete environmental and climate goals and initiatives.

1. We work to reduce our carbon footprint

We commit ourselves to concrete targets for carbon reductions. Based on SME’s approach to Science Based Targets Dana Lim has chosen to join the ambitious CO2 reduction goal of 46% in 2030 compared to the base year 2019.

The reduction applies to our direct and indirect climate footprint from the operations of the company (Scope 1 and 2). Climate targets and an annual account of CO2 emissions will be published on our website.

We will start a dialogue with selected raw material suppliers about the possibility of getting specific rather than generic data regarding the production and transport of our raw materials and packaging (Scope 3). The goal is to gain a more valid and realistic picture of the CO2 emissions of the individual raw materials.

Furthermore, this dialogue will contribute to pushing a focus on climate out in the supply chains. In the very long run, data on carbon emissions can be used as a foundation for selecting raw materials with the lowest climate impact. Through Science Based Targets (SBT) , we have committed ourselves to measure our Scope 3 emissions and to relatively reduce the emissions.

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2. We deliver products that contribute to sustainable construction as well as a healthy work environment and indoor climate

Very large parts of our products are formulated to meet the strict criteria requirements of various Nordic environmental and sustainability standards and certifications as well as national strategies within construction.

Thus, we avoid chemical substances which can be problematic for health, environment and indoor climate and that can reduce the possibility of recycling or reusing the glued/sealed parts of the constructions.

Additionally, a high degree of documentation is ensured throughout the supply chain – from substance data to industry EPD’s.


3. We develop products for sustainable and innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers

Dana Lim supports the sustainable and innovative solutions of our customers through advice and sparring based on the concrete needs and wishes of the customers.


In these years, we collaborate with our industrial customers on many individual projects with a starting point in the circularity approach of a better utilization of resources, long life spans, repair and recycling.

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