Agathe Børhaug as new Country Manager in Dana Lim Norway

With extensive experience from the wholesale and supplier level, Agathe Børhaug is ready to lead Dana Lim Norway from the new head office in Bergen. Børhaug’s ambition is to create a powerful Dana Lim Norge, and increase the visibility of the sealant, adhesive and putty producer.

Dana Lim is the Nordic region’s leading manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and fillers, and in May, Agathe Børhaug started as the new Country Manager for the company. After Dana Lim’s acquisition of the Western joint supplier Fugger in 2019, the company has been divided between Eastern and Western Norway. Now Børhaug’s task is to lead Dana Lim from their new head office in Bergen.

Creating a powerful Dana Lim Norway

Børhaug has good skills in sales management from the building and construction industry. With experience from both Ahlsell and Pipelife, Børhaug has gained a broad knowledge of the wholesale and supplier sector in the Norwegian market. It will benefit Dana Lim’s organization and customers.

– As Country Manager for Dana Lim, it is important to understand how the sales processes work. The route to the market and which channels to use is something I know well. Dana Lim has many applications and different customers. Then it’s about finding the right direction, says Børhaug.

Børhaug’s main task is to create a powerful Dana Lim Norway, after the acquisition of Fugger in 2019. Internal corporate culture is something Børhaug finds very exciting to work with.

– It is important to work with internal work processes and corporate culture when two companies are to be merged. With head office in Bergen, we have the opportunity to create an even more impactful organization, and get Dana Lim and Fugger to move more in sync. It will also help increase the visibility of our brand.

Bring out the potential of the sellers

The 54-year-old from Bergen has a degree in economics and has always enjoyed sales management. She believes that good sales management depends on close cooperation with the sellers and creating synergies.

– Sales management is about bringing out the full potential of the salespeople, and finding solutions and methods that enable us to work even smarter. Close follow-up of the sellers is then important. It will be very exciting to work with the synergy between the salespeople from Dana Lim and all the different customer groups we have. So far, I have got the impression of skilled colleagues and a strong commitment. I am looking forward to the continuation, concludes Børhaug.

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