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Accessibility for our customers is important to Dana Lim. Time is one of the most valuable resources in the building industry. That’s why we believe one of our most important duties is to contribute to an efficient building process with products, logistics and services. Our adhesives, sealants and fillers for the building industry have been developed with the focus on high functionality, quality, minimising working time and repetition.

What’s more, a number of our products proudly bear the European Ecolabel, and are phtalate and tin free to ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment for the trade. Dana Lim also believes strongly in efficient, highly qualified technical support and logistics designed to match the customer’s processes on the site as far as possible. We sell via builder's and timber merchants. The most important thing here is that ordering and delivery are always perceived to be simple and straightforward, just as we always provide full backup for our products in the form of support and service.


Do you have any questions?

Contact our Expert Assistance team at Phone: +45 56 64 00 75 or send us an e-mail: tekniskservice@danalim.dk