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Contact Adhesive 281

Contact Adhesive 281

Contact Adhesive 218 is an all-round neoprene based liquid contact adhesive for adhesion of absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces where immediate high strength is required.

Typical applications areas are wood, fibre-, chip-, and vinyl boards, felt, natural and synthetic rubber, leather, foam materials, concrete, glas, metal etc. The adhesive is not suitable for polystyrene foam - for such purpose use the water based contact adhesive DanAtac Aqua Contact 288.

The adhesive is water resistant and resistant to temperatures from -35 °C to +70°C depending on demands to the strength (the adhesive is thermo plastic, i.e. the strength is reduced with increasing temperature). If adding 5 % Hardener 924, the heat resistance is increased to approx. +150 °C.





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