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Cool Tack 286

Cool Tack 286

Cool Tack 286 is a neutral, odourless, moisture curing adhesive, free of solvents and phthalates. Forms a strong but still elastic joint that can absorb movements between building sections.

Cool Tack 286 can be used in- and outdoors, on the wall, roof and floor. Suitable for mounting of mirrors, panels and different types of construction boards. Adheres to a wide selection of materials; wood, glass, concrete, bricks, fibre glass, painted surfaces, Perspex, PVC and most types of metal and rubber.

Cool Tack 286 is particularly suitable for bonding of roof tiles.

Cool Tack 286 cures thanks to its Cool Cure Technology at temperatures down to -15 ºC.

Cool Tack has an excellent resistance to climatic influences.

The product is registered in the database for construction products that can be included in the Nordic Ecolabelled construction.





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