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High Tack 299

High Tack 299

High Tack 299 is a neutral curing 1-component assembly adhesive with a very powerful initial tack.


High Tack 299 is phthalatefree and forms a strong but still elastic joint that can absorb any movement between building sections.


High Tack 299 can be used for in- and outdoor application on wall, roof and floor and has an excellent resistance to climatic influences.


High Tack 299 contains neither acid, solvent, silicone nor isocyanat and is suitable for mounting of various types of heavy building materials such as construction boards and blocks etc. without the need of support.


High Tack 299 adheres to a wide range of materials; wood, glass, concrete, bricks, fibre glass, painted surfaces, Perspex, PVC and most types of metal and rubber.


High Tack 299 has a high viscosity and requires a powerful caulking gun with a force of at least 2,5 kN.


High Tack 299 meets the requirements of Emicode Class EC 1PLUS.


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