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Vapour Foil Adhesive 298

Vapour Foil Adhesive 298

Vapour Foil Adhesive 298 is a water based dispersion adhesive, specially developed for bonding and sealing of joints between building parts and vapour barriers.

The Vapour Foil Adhesive 298 is tested according to EN 1026 (airtight up to 600 Pa) after wind impact according to EN 12211 (shifting pull & pressure of 1000 Pa, and also a stepwise pressure up to 2000 Pa), and takes part of the total construction to insure windproof buildings, and thereby the energy demands of the Danish building regulations.

The Vapour Foil Adhesive 298 secures a fast and closed bonding of the foil and building materials as stone, wood, plaster, and concrete.

Vapour Foil Adhesive 298 is easy to apply, odourless and does not contain organic solvents, isocyanates or silicone.

The adhesive must not be used in the sanitary sector, on marble/natural stone, in underground applications, on bituminous substrates and in joints in constant contact with moisture, e.g. concrete surfaces in contact with soil.

The product is registered in the database for construction products that can be included in the Nordic Ecolabelled construction.





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