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Quick Filler 614

Quick Filler 614

Quick Filler 614 is a fast-curing waterproof cement-based powder filler for repairing large and small damages, cracks and uneven surfases. Also suitable for anchoring of metal metal and plastic items. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Quick Filler 614 is used for filling of most substrates, such as plaster, concrete, lightweight concrete, plasterboard, wood panels, etc. Can be applied in very thick layers without the risk of shrinkage and cracking.

Quick Filler 614 is particularly suitable for mounting and repairs related to electrical and plumbing work for example by fastening of electrics sockerts, cables, brackets for radiators, downpipes, rails etc. It is also suitable as water-resistant filler in "wet room" and can be used as substrate for tiles and other heavy coverings.






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