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Spray Filler Medium Pro Plus 639

Spray Filler Medium Pro Plus 639

Spray Filler Medium Pro Plus 639 is a ready-mixed filler of superior quality. The filler is used in interior dry areas for professional spray and roller applied joint filling and wide spreading on walls and ceilings of plaster, concrete, gypsum and fibre gypsum boards etc.


Spray Filler Medium Pro Plus 639 is specially developed for professional joint filling of plasterboards


Joint filling of fibre gypsum boards should be carried out with Gypsum Fibreboard Panel Filler 630.


Furthermore, the product is very well suited for wide spreading with minimal risk for blisters on dense surfaces e.g. previously painted fibre glass web or structured wallpaper.


When wide spreading gypsum fibre boards it has less influence on the boards compared to common spray fillers.


By using a wide tooling spatula optimal finish and a perfect filling work can be achieved. The system leaves a perfectly filled surface, where the need for sanding is reduced to a minimum.


Spray Filler Medium Pro Plus 639 has high filling capacity and minimum shrinkage. It can be painted with dispersion- and alkyd based paints.


The product is registered in the database for construction products that can be included in the Nordic Ecolabelled construction.






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