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Sealant Tape F600

Sealant Tape F600

Sealant Tape F600 is a pre-compressed sealant tape, which will expand up to five times, to form an effective seal and a permanently diffusion-open elastic joint.

The tape is suitable for joints around doors and windows, pipes and construction joints etc. - indoor and outdoor.

The tape is based on special impregnated polyurethane foam, which secures permanent resistance to weather and driving rain. The product is self-adherent, easy to install and deliverable in several sizes for joints from 5 mm to 25 mm width.

Sealant Tape F600 can be used for joints in buildings up to 100 m in height.

For joints in coastal areas as well as for particularly weather-exposed joints, it is rekommended to use BG1 sealant tape.

A 10 year functional warrenty is given, if applied according to our instructions.






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