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2C Sealant & Adhesive 527

2C Sealant & Adhesive 527

2C Sealant & Adhesive 527 is a two-component phthalatfree MS polymer which can be used both as an adhesive and as a sealant. Unlike the traditional MS-polymer, this product cures by a reaction between two components, thereby making it independent of the moisture conditions. 2C Sealant & Adhesive 527 can be used both for gluing, joint lines and for sealing, the product is specially used where the shape and the curing conditions makes it difficult to use a traditional MS-polymer. This product is particularly suitable for metal objects, it is fast curing and it has a high initial strength. Further more it is easy to apply at both high and low temperatures, because of the specially designed mixing-system. 2C Sealant & Adhesive 527 gives a very strong and slightly flexible joint, which is both temperature-, UV- and water-resistant.






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