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Danaseal Contractor PF 552

Danaseal Contractor PF 552

Danaseal Contractor PF 552 belongs to the new generation of MS-polymer sealants, which combines the best properties of silicone- and polyurethane sealants. The sealant cures by reaction with the humidity of the air to an elastic joint, which has a movement capability of +/- 25 %.

Danaseal Contractor PF 552 is absolute odourless, neutral, phthalatfree, and fast curing. It can be painted and has a remarkable resistance to climatic influence.

Danaseal Contractor PF 552 is suitable as an universal construction sealer I buildings, industry and marine, indoor as well as outdoor. It is particularly suitable for expansion joints and sealing tasks, where silicone sealants would have been used earlier, but where the paintability and compatibility of an MS-sealant is required.

Danaseal Contractor PF 552 fulfills requirements in ISO 11600 F25 LM

Danaseal Contractor PF 552 meets the requirements of Emicode Class EC 1PLUS.

The product is registered in the database for construction products that can be included in the Nordic Ecolabelled construction.



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