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MS Contractor 550

MS Contractor 550

MS Contractor 550 is a neutral curing 1-component hybrid sealant.


MS Contractor 550 is moisture-curing and forms an elastic joint that can absorb movements of up to +/- 25 %. 


MS Contractor 550 is paintable, can be used outside and inside and has excellent resistance to climatic influence. 


MS Contractor 550 contains neither acid, solvent, silicone nor isocyanate.

MS Contractor 550 is suitable as an universal construction sealer in buildings and industry. It is particularly suitable for expansion joints and sealing tasks, where silicone sealants would have been used earlier, but where the paintability and compatibility of an MS-sealant is required.

MS Contractor 550 meets the requirements of ISO 11600 F 25LM .

MS Contractor 550 meets the requirements of Emicode Class EC 1PLUS.

MS Contractor 550 meets the regulation of EC No 1935/2004 regarding materials and articles in indirect contact with foodstuff.


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