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Sanitary Silicone 512

Sanitary Silicone 512

Sanitary Silicone 512 is a neutral highly elastic sealant. It cures by reaction with the humidity of the air and forms an elastic joint, having a movement capacity of +/- 25 %.

It is particularly suitable for sanitary spaces and other damp areas like bathrooms or shower-cubicles.

The product is suitable for building materials such as glass, enamel, hard pvc, stainless steel, natural stone etc.

Sanitary Silicone 512 meets the requirements of Emicode Class EC 1PLUS - colored. EC 1 - transparent.

Sanitary Silicone 512 meets the regulation of FDA CFR 21§177.2600 aswell EC No 1935/2004 regarding materials and articles in indirect contact with foodstuff.


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