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Butylene Sealant 551

Butylene Sealant 551

Butylene Sealant 551 is an oil based plastic sealant, which forms an elastic skin of approx. 1 mm, and remains soft and plastic below the skin.

The sealant is suitable for sealing around doors and windows, and between building components, where no large mechanical impacts occur. Especially recommended for hidden joints, at ventilation units and for connecting MaxiFlex frames etc.

Butylene Selant 551 adheres to most common building materials. The sealant is not resistant to constant influence of water, and has limited resistance to direct influence of UV-light and heat.

Butylene Sealant 551 meets the requirements of Emicode Class EC 1PLUS.

The product is registered in the database for construction products that can be included in the Nordic Ecolabelled construction.






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