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D-coll 5680

D-coll 5680

D-coll 5680 is a water based VAE dispersion adhesive excellent for gluing of wood, PVC foils, textiles, metal and foamed plastic.


The adhesive has especially good adherence to non-polar surfaces, fast setting, and provides a very strong bonding, therefore it is suitable for edge bonding.


D-coll 5680 is also suitable for the upholstering industry, foil on metal, textile on metal, textile on wood, carpet tile on various materials, wall covering, etc. however we recommend you to test the product before starting production.


The adhesive has high heat resistance and low water resistance.


All the raw materials in D-coll 5680 comply with the requirement for XIV ”polymer dispersions” according to ”the Federal Institute Health Protection of Consumers and Veterinary Medicine BGVV” of 1st October 1998.






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