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DANAFIX 730-series

DANAFIX 730-series

The DANAFIX 730-series includes water based acrylic adhesives used for production of pressure sensitive labels or similar, permanent sticky subjects, labelling of most plastic types, gluing of plastic foils at cardboard and paper, and palletizing.

DANAFIX 731 is a good all-round product having a medium tack.

DANAFIX 732, DANAFIX 733, DANAFIX 734 and DANAFIX 735 are also all-round produkter, but they have a strong tack. DANAFIX 732 and DANAFIX 733 has the strongest tack in the DANAFIX 730-series.

DANAFIX 739 is only suitable for foiling of absorbent surfaces and palletising. The adhesive has a weak tack.

See the technical datasheet for further information.



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