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DANAFIX 740-series

DANAFIX 740-series

DANAFIX 740-series has been developed for bonding difficult surfaces. All components in the adhesives meet the demands in FDA section 21, CFR 175.105 or BGVV for use in the food industry.


DANAFIX 740, 747 and 749 are adhesives which are used for bonding paper on materials as PE- and PP-foil. The adhesives are transparent when dry and give strong and flexible joints. DANAFIX 740 and 747 are easy to clean.


DANAFIX 744 and 745 are adhesives with short setting time. The adhesives are used for bonding paper against treated surfaces like PE-coated (<15 g/m2) or varnished.


DANAFIX 746 is an adhesive for bonding non-porous material against porous material. The adhesive has good adhesion to PVC-foil, aluminium-foil, leather, textiles or varnished surfaces.






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