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DANAFIX 750-series

DANAFIX 750-series

The DANAFIX 750-serie is a range of adhesives, which has been developed for bonding coated, varnished and untreated paper and cardboard. Adhesives are transparent after dry and give strong and flexible joints.


DANAFIX 751/2, 753 and 754 are used for gluing varnished surfaces against paper and cardboard. The adhesives have a very fast bonding and strong wet tack. DANAFIX 751/2 and 758 are suitable for nozzle application. DANAFIX 754 is suitable for coating cylinder or roller.


DANAFIX 751-2000, 755, 756 and 759 are fast bonding adhesives used for gluing varnished surfaces against paper and cardboard.


They are particular suitable for high speed machinery, where very fast bonding is preferred to reduce pressing time.


All components in the adhesives meet the demands in FDA section 21, CFR 175.105 or BGVV for use in the food industry.






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