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Marine Bond & Seal 541

Marine Bond & Seal 541

Marine Bond & Seal 541, approved for use in marine solutions.


Marine Bond & Seal 541 is a neutral, odorless, moisture curing adhesive, free of solvents and phthalates. Forms a strong but still elastic joint that can absorb any movement between building sections.  Can be used for in- and outdoor application on wall, roof and floor. Suitable for mounting of mirrors, panels and different types of construction details  


Marine Bond & Seal 541 adheres to a wide selection of materials; wood, glass, concrete, bricks, fibre glass, painted surfaces, Perspex, PVC and most types of metal and rubber. Has an excellent resistance to climatic influences. 


The Marine Bond & Seal 541 is tested and fulfils the standards: 

Item No (Standards):

MED/3.18e, Solas 74, Reg. II-2/3,II-2/5,II-2/9 & X/3 IMO MSC/Circ. 1120, 2000 HSC Code 7, IMO 2010 FTP Code 


Verified by DNV-GL in MED-D Certificate MEDD0023U and MED-B Certificate MEDB00006Z4. 


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