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DANAFIX 430-series

DANAFIX 430-series

The DANAFIX 430-series has been developed especially for industrial wood production, where D3 water resistance is required.

DANAFIX 433, 434, 435, 436, 437 and 439 are suitable for almost all types of laminating and jointing, in cold, warm and high frequency pressing. All types require short pressing times, of which DANAFIX 434 and 435 require the shorter press time. DANAFIX 437 has the longest open assembly time whereas DANAFIX 436 and 439 have a medium open assembly time, which makes them especially suitable for roller application. DANAFIX 433, 434 and 436 have neutral pH, therefore they do not give any discoloration problems. DANAFIX 437 and 439 have additionally been added UV detector. If adding hardener to DANAFIX 435, 437 and 439, an even higher water resistance D4 will be obtained according to EN204/205.

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