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DANAFIX 460-series

DANAFIX 460-series

The DANAFIX 460-series includes special adhesives for jointing in industrial production of wood and furniture.

DANAFIX 460, 466 and 467 are low viscosity types, and therefore mainly used in automatic application for almost all types of joints. DANAFIX 466 is specially suitable for nozzle application, as it has reduced tendency to dry-out and clog the nozzle.

DANAFIX 462, 463 and 466 are mainly used for easy manual joints e.g. pine and chipboard, and are very suitable for “glue-bags” to self-assemble furniture. DANAFIX 462 can be stored down to –18 °C.

DANAFIX 464 is an all-round quality for lighter joints, where a strong adhesive stregth is not necessary or for large adhesive surfaces.

DANAFIX 468 gives a very flexible joint, and are especially developed for the assembly of stairs in strings. The adhesive also has very ideal properties for the use in nozzle and roller application.

DANAFIX 469 is a high viscosity quality suitable for more difficult jointing e.g. mounting of glass in wooden grooves (for cupboards etc).

See the technical datasheet for further information.


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