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DANAFIX 490-series

DANAFIX 490-series

The DANAFIX 490-series has been developed especially for industrial production of laminated wood for furniture, where a D2 quality is desired. If a D3 quality is needed, please refer to the DANAFIX 430-series.

All the adhesives can be used for cold-, warm- and high frequency pressing and can be treated with lye after curing.

DANAFIX 496 and 499 have a very short pressing time, and can be used for most wood types. They are developed for continuous production units with automatic application of adhesive, where a very short pressing time is wanted.

DANAFIX 497 and 498 have been especially developed for manual application, as they have a longer open assembly time and pressure time. DANAFIX 497 and 498 is used for softwoods.

See the technical datasheet for further information.






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