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DANAFIX 860- & 870-series

DANAFIX 860- & 870-series

The DANAFIX 870-series are granulate hotmelts designed for edge bonding. The products are suitable for automatic application, and have excellent melting properties, no treading and high initial strength.

DANAFIX 868 is a hotmelt for fast mashinery (min 12 m/min) and having low meltingpoint.

DANAFIX 870 is a transparent hotmelt without fillers.

DANAFIX 871 is a standard nature-coloured hotmelt.

DANAFIX 872 is especially suitable for difficult glueable edges and must have a flow over 5 m/min.

DANAFIX 873 and 874 only differs on the colour. They may bond to most materials and have a fair heatresistance.

DANAFIX 875 is especially suitable for low application temperature and low flow (down to 2 m/min).

DANAFIX 876, 877, 878 og 879 differs on the colour. They have the highest heatresistance and have good adhesion to most materials.

See the technical datasheet for further information.






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