The fight against corona requires research from the top shelf, and this year’s Dana Lim Prize of 500,000 was therefore awarded half a year ahead of time to a corona research project led by senior physician Prof. Thomas Benfield from Amager Hvidovre Hospital. The project includes trials with two different drugs to mitigate the course of the disease and prevent hospitalization in those infected with COVID-19 at risk of developing serious disease courses.


This year, the award went to not just one, but two different research projects. The first prize, which included an amount of DKK 450,000, went to research into the prevention of blood clots and heart fibrillation after heart surgery by senior physician Helena Domínguez and her research project, LAACS-2.

The second prize had DKK 200,000 in dowry and went to a PhD study focusing on how to more easily and quickly investigate patients with stable chest pain with Louise Hougesen Bjerking at the end of the table.

2018 :

Doctor and lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, David Woldbye received NOK 460,000. for research into ADHD medicine. On the basis of the research, it should eventually provide better methods for tailoring the treatment to the individual patient.

2017 :

Cardiologist Anders Dahl received DKK 380,000 for research into a fatal heart disease, more precisely explained as a bacterial infection in the heart valves with a high mortality rate as a result. This disease particularly affects already ill and weakened patients.


Bente Pakkenberg received NOK 350,000. for a research project focusing on the neglected brain disease Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), which kills between 250 and 300 Danes each year.

2014 :

Owner of Rosenkilde Gods Handicapridecenter, Helle Nissen, received NOK 300,000. for the construction of a sensory riding track that can help the physically and mentally disabled.

2012 :

Niels Borregaard received NOK 250,000. Professor, senior physician at Rigshospitalet, Hematology Clinic. Specialist in blood diseases and researcher on the blood’s immune system.


Kristian Kolind received NOK 80,000. Subsidy for study stays in the USA. Research into a stem cell, which only approx. a handful of people in the world can handle.


Docent Martin Etchells Vigild received NOK 250,000. for funding equipment/instruments, so he can test new research ideas and can give talented students the opportunity to learn in smaller projects within nanoporous materials.


Professor Dr. Tech. Jesper Mørk received NOK 400,000. for research within semiconductor technology and optical communication, which is used, for example, for ever faster data transport on the Internet.


Dennis Wowern Nielsen received NOK. NOK 400,000 for research into the transformation of pig fat into, among other things, glue.


Professor Jørgen Ahrent Jensen received NOK 400,000 for research in the medico-technical area.


Lecturer Ph.D. Paul Robert Hansen received NOK 120,000 for new equipment in connection with peptide research within antibiotics.


Lecturer Ph.D. Georgios Kontogeorgis received NOK 250,000 for research into thermodynamic and polymer mixtures.


PhD Pieter Telleman received NOK 250,000 for research into biochips for quick and cheap diagnosis of diseases.

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