At Dana Lim our adhesive is our lifeblood, and our DNA is made up of a high level of service combined with our know-how and insight – both when we produce and sell adhesive. This calls for strong relationships and the desire to spend time at our customers. It requires vision, development and flexibility.

It is also with the outside world in mind that we develop and acquire new knowledge. Our consultants are highly specialized experts with extensive knowledge of trade. At Dana Lim, we always prioritize to improve our skills and be up to date when it comes to R&D and new technology.

That is also why we succeed when knowledge and high customer service go hand in hand – and when we through dialogue with the customer bring our unique competencies into play and create solutions that optimize. And if this does not concern an existing product, we will find or develop it together.


With our more than 300 years of combined consulting experience from the industry, we develop many products within our focus areas: the timber and furniture industry, the graphic, labeling and packaging industry as well as sandwich and filter constructions.

We do not only supply our customers with adhesive but with customized solutions. And if we cannot meet your needs with solutions from our existing product portfolio, we will develop a new product for you and your production. We do of course deliver the product itself. However, we are additionally happy to advice and enter into dialogue with you to ensure the greatest possible value to your company.

Industrial adhesive for Construction

The timber and furniture industry makes up a large part of Dana Lim and vice versa. We have a common desire to produce products that both look good, are solid and durable in surfaces and seams - and always with a strong focus on environment and sustainability.

Industrial adhesive for Graphic/Packaging

There is an almost infinite number of adhesives for graphic and packaging processes, and it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Industrial adhesive for Assembling

Ventilation, concrete, insulation, iceboxes/freezer compartments, sandwich constructions, artificial grass, filters, gates and doors… And much more.

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