Dana Lim as a workplace

At Dana Lim, people are at the center. Since our founding in 1929, we have focused on being a business with a healthy work culture where employees thrive, have trust in each other and, not least, are proud of their workplace.

All Dana Lim employees, regardless of gender, race, skin colour, national/social/ethnic origin, religion, belief, political conviction, handicap, age and sexual orientation, are equally important. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

We have no doubt that proud, happy and engaged employees are the cornerstone of our success.

That is why we are extra proud to be labeled as a good workplace with the “Great Place to Work” certification. The certification applies to Dana Lim’s Danish business, but the assessment covers the other Nordic markets, Norway and Sweden.

The international consultancy, Great Place to Work, is behind the certification scheme. Up until the certification itself, we have gone through a certification program where the employees evaluate the workplace on a number of levels different parameters such as credibility, respect and pride.

With the programme, we are part of a three-year course where new measurements are carried out on an ongoing basis. Dana Lim will therefore be evaluated over time, and this ensures that we continue to develop and that our employees continue to be motivated and satisfied.

Work in Dana Lim

There are currently no vacancies in Dana lim.

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