Industrial adhesive for Construction

The timber and furniture industry makes up a large part of Dana Lim and vice versa. We have a common desire to produce products that both look good, are solid and durable in surfaces and seams – and always with a strong focus on environment and sustainability. We are able in doing this because we are specialists in adhesives for the timber and furniture industry.

We have a complete range of adhesives for the timber and furniture industry. We supply adhesives for production of everything ranging from kitchens to beds, doors, windows, furniture and floors – and everything else in between. And when we are involved in the entire process, we can for sure make a difference because we have gathered a great deal of knowledge owing to our many years of experience in the industry.

For your company, this means that we can offer knowledge as well as counselling to streamline and automate those parts of the production process where our adhesives are involved.

We are constantly developing our products. Because even though we are specialists in adhesive for the furniture industry today, we are not necessarily the specialists tomorrow – unless we make sure always to be up to date.

Therefore, we do a lot to develop and improve our adhesives on an ongoing basis, so they always meet the requirements that are set. This is something we highly prioritize at Dana Lim since we in that way always offer homogeneous adhesives that are also the best in the market in the future.

We prefer to do this in collaboration with you as a customer so we jointly ensure that we can deliver the exact adhesive that suits your company. We have our own lab where we develop and test the adhesives until they meet your requirements.

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