Dana Lim and Fugger merge on 1. September

Following Dana Lim’s acquisition of Fugger Norge in 2019, the official merger takes effect on 1. September. With a new head office and warehouse distribution in Bergen, Dana Lim will ensure proximity to the market combined with high quality and product breadth within glue, putty and sealant.

From 1. September, the official merger of Dana Lim and Fugger Norge comes into effect. With both a new head office in Bergen and the appointment of Agathe Børhaug as new Country Manager, the business is ready to increase its presence on the Norwegian market. Former Country Manager, Rune Ludvigsen, continues as Key Account Manager and will maintain contact with customers.

Merges a local and Nordic producer

With the acquisition of Fugger Norge, a local joint supplier with a strong foothold in Western Norway is merging with the Nordic region’s largest producer of glue, putty and joint compound. Dana Lim’s new Country Manager, Agathe Børhaug, believes that this is a big advantage:

– With the merger, we combine the strengths of Fugger Norge and Dana Lim. We have gained a larger sales organization with both an order office and warehouse distribution in Bergen. This helps ensure that the business has the logistical capacity needed to ensure that Dana Lim can offer optimal service and follow-up to customers throughout Norway. The merger has also ensured a wide product range within high-quality adhesives, fillers and sealants. Although it has been two years since Dana Lim bought Fugger Norge, it is in the future that we will see the effect of the merger.

Can tailor products as needed

Much of the strength of the putty, adhesive and sealant manufacturer is the focus on quality products for the building materials industry and the professional market. Børhaug compares Dana Lim’s product range to the wine list at a restaurant:

– Combined products can be considered the house wine. It fits perfectly with most things. But if you choose the wine recommended for the specific dish, you get a completely different experience. It is in this area that Dana Lim is skilled. We have a large research department in Denmark with enormous expertise that is constantly developing new products.

With its own research department in Denmark, Dana Lim gives customers the opportunity to get tailor-made products that are adapted to their needs.

– We have the great advantage that there is a short distance from development and production to the end customer. It is something we are very proud of, and it means that we also have the opportunity to tailor products to all areas if the volume is large enough. We have a particularly large potential within the adhesives and industrial market, where we can develop products according to our own needs, says Børhaug, and concludes:

– With the official merger 1. September, we look forward to having an even more impactful organization where Dana Lim increases visibility and presence on the Norwegian market.

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